Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We Are The Passengers..

Seeing as my new armoured car from 1st Corps has an open hatch, I decided to chop up some spare miniatures, representing different VBCW factions, to fit in it.

Group shot

A smoking cap wearing Anglican League officer putting on his old mess jacket

A sinister BUF officer with red beret and sword

A flat cap wearing militiaman with rifle

A Blackshort officer with pistol

A Major Bloodnock style Territorial officer

A Francophile Welsh Nationalist reading a map


  1. Top work there JP and I done love the chap in the smoking Cap and Mess Jacket. Also I like the way that by changing the chap at the top changes the faction, nice, easy and clever.

    1. Thanks mate!
      Any resemblance to the guy in the smoking cap, and a certain fez-wearing VBCW originator is entirely coincidental...


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