Monday, 17 February 2014

Nice Beaver(ette)!

Sorry - couldn't help myself...

One of those fine chaps on the Very British Civil Forum has acquired some cracking Home Guard models from the currently defunct Stronghold Miniatures. The range includes some smashing Home Guard weaponry such as the Blacker Bombard, Spigot Mortar and Smith Gun, as well as a rather splendid Beaverette armoured car.

Resisting the temptation to splurge out on the whole set, I decided to treat myself to the Beaverette. The model is very nice and needed very little prep work, although I did have trouble fitting in the crew (more than likely due to my ineptitude than any fault on the model's part).

I decided on a somewhat boring and neutral grey colour, grunged up with some drybrushed rust and mud, whilst the crew were treated to some non-faction specific light tan overalls. All in all a nice little model!

All being well and assuming the weather doesn't play silly buggers again I'll have a game report coming up soon, and then on March 8th there's the next Big Game to look forward to - expect intrigue and backstabbing aplenty...


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