Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I'm a Winner!

I've won something - yay!

Michael, the talented chap behind http://dalauppror.blogspot.se posted up a cracking model Swedish barn that he had constructed for his Very Moderate Swedish Civil War project.

As you can see, it happens to be exploding - and Michael asked readers to guess why. I commented that the blast was caused by an exploding alcohol still ( a Swedish bootlegger having featured in a previous AAR).
It transpires that I was correct, and had my name put into a hat. My name then duly drawn out of said hat and today I am the proud owner of four Swedish chaps from Adalen Miniatures!
Thanks Michael!
Were tricornes fashionable in 1930's Herefordshire? They are now!



  1. I have some of there figures mate and I rather like them. Congratulations on the win

  2. Well done. Certainly something worth having!

  3. Looking forward to see how you paint them up

  4. Congratulations! Very nice figures.

    An International Brigade? But fighting on which side?

  5. Great stuff,they are indeed splendid figures.I have some too.

  6. Cheers guys!
    I'm thinking that, with the tricornes, they could be some kind of Swedish mercenaries, acting as the governor of Herefordshire's ceremonial guard.

  7. I might just pick some up a 1930s minutemen squad

  8. They look nice. It does make me want to get some despite the fact I have no use for them.


  9. Well done that man, lucky devil!

  10. Glad that you liked the Prize JP, well deserved!

    Thanks for the write up for my blog, appreciated.

    Looking forward to see how you paint them up.

    Best regards Michael

    By the way we just have a mere Conflict over in Sweden, absolutely not a Civil War;)

    As we are very moderate here in Sweden we just don want to have a full scale civil war just smal conflicts that easy can be solved by diplomacy and some beers...

    and ofcorse not to ruin the fact that Sweden havent been to war sins the one with Norway in 1814 (guess we have to celebrate a bit next year...).


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