Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Blog Pimpage (hereafter to be known as Blimpage!)

Folks it’s high time I pimped another VBCW blog!

Today I’m highlighting Morts 1938 Scrapbook – not only because Mort has just posted his 100th entry, but also because he is one of the originators of the Very British Civil War phenomena.

He’s also the creator of the Somerset Freedom Fighters, author of the Solway guide to the North Somerset Campaign and, judging by his regular attendance at the Herefordshire big games, will seemingly travel anywhere in the UK for a VBCW game!

Please check out his blog, and leave him lots of nice comments.


  1. All credit to Mort for the photo :)

  2. A worthy chap! Those are very nice miniatures, too.

  3. It is a great blog and more people really need to see it. Well done there JP and the pimpage.

  4. Cheers chums - always happy to highlight the god work of others!


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