Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Pimpage

I am ashamed.

There are lots of lovely folks who follow my blog and regularly leave lots of nice comments whenever I post something.

Some of them also take the time to highlight my humble efforts on their own blogs.

But do I reciprocate?

Alas no…

But that is about to change! I have made a resolution to semi-regularly ‘pimp’ the work of my fellow bloggers, mainly, but not exclusively, VBCW/interwar blogs.

Your starter for ten is the excellent ‘Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist’, brought to you by Edwin King – a medal collector and regular contributor to the British Medals Forum, with interests in 'redheads, dead bishops and smelly old books'.

His blog covers a variety of themes, including the aforementioned dead bishops, the various medals awarded to royals, obituaries and moustaches!

I cannot recommend this blog highly enough, so please go and see for yourselves!


  1. Thank you Jon - you make me blush!

  2. I hereby promise to make a 1938 or Herefordshire relevant post this week.

    What will it be?

    1. Ooh good stuff!
      May I suggest the medals of Edward VIII or an orbit on Charles Lisle Carr, Bishop of Hereford?

  3. Well neither of those were one of the ideas I'd had ;-) Your page on Carr is better than I would end up doing anyway.

    We'll see...

  4. Here we go then - a 1938 faction leader ('Gorgeous George and the Gold Syringes' anyone?) and a controversial Bp of Hereford.

    I was hoping to do Hensley Henson for Sunday, but I've got to go to my mother-in-laws...


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