Friday, 19 April 2013

Sitting On the Fence

A couple of weeks ago I made a chance discovery whist emptying our document shredder.

My wife likes to laminate our National Trust membership cards in order to make them a little tougher, and, as we’d just received our new cards, had put the old one in the shredder.

I discovered the semi-shredded remains of this card, heavily scored, but still held together by the laminate, and thought, as only wargamers/model makers do, ‘I could use that…’

So I cut the card in half, glued some thin plastic strips horizontally onto each half, added some bits of sprue and hey presto! A couple of plank fences made without the hassle of having to glue individual planks onto a frame!


  1. A very good recycling effort!

  2. Those look rather nice! Good use of the recycling :D

  3. Serendipity - the modeller's friend! An excellent result, sir.

  4. They are a great idea there JP

  5. 50% serendipity + 50% ingenuity = 100% recyclability.

    And before anyone asks, YES that is a real word. Or is is now anyway ;-)


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