Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Steam support with namesake turrets

(The title will make sense eventually!)

After a bit of bartering and swapping, I acquired a Corgi 1:50 Sentinel steam lorry. Now a few folks over in the VBCW forums have been sticking bits of plasticard ‘armour’, guns and the like to these lorries to provide some armoured support for their forces, so I decided to do something similar.

However the lorry I acquired looked far too nice to plaster with plasticard, so I decided to go with a more home-made look, leaving the original model as it was (except for a bit of drybrushed ‘distressing’).

As you can see, it’s a flat-bed lorry, so I needed something to go on the back of it. Some cardboard, tape and a load of dressmakers pins later and I had myself an impromptu metal container, pressed into service as an improvised personnel carrier. So I had my armour, but what about the arms?

Now a couple of days after receiving the lorry, I also received a couple of resin turrets, made by the genius that is ‘6mil Phil’. He had named this particular model the ‘Price’ turret, named after me; so I had to get a couple!

One of the turrets came without a hatch, so I had to put someone in there to fill the hole – luckily I had just the figure lying around: an ECW artillery officer left over from my Roaring Meg piece. After cutting him off at the waist, filing down his cavalier hair and swapping his floppy hat for a tin helmet, he did the trick nicely.

All that was left was to stick the turrets on top of the container; add some biro tube for cannons and voilà! One improvised steam powered personnel carrier and support vehicle, ready to trundle into service. The rear of the vehicle is removable, so it can revert back to a simple flatbed lorry if need be, plus I have the option of adding other scratchbuilt stuff to the back!


  1. That's a beauty, Jon. Somehow the words "steam lorry" sum up VBCW vehicles perfectly! I love the Price turrets as well - very cool.

  2. Excellent work sir, I always have the same dilemma the original model looks way to nice to paint over etc!

  3. A work of genius mate! That is just fantastic!


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