Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Very Personal Retinue

I've cobbled together some figures to use as a brigade command group for my fascist/royalist forces. They represent the personal retinue of the interim governor of the Marches, William de Braose.

Figs are (L-R): Standard bearer (Musketeer BUF officer with Westwind head and repositioned arm), SMG (Crusader Miniatures Wild West character with TAG Tommy gun), de Braose (Mutton Chop Lord Cirencester), LMG (Artizan pulp), Signaller (converted Artizan French Foreign Legion with Westwind head).

While we're on the subject of command figures, I've also done some for my Hereford LDV and Anglican League forces.

The Wargames Foundry Victorian clerk will act as batman to the mayor, while the Artizan pulp 'Ekrem' has been converted into a signaller.

And now the Anglican League's entry into Rear of the Year 1938, this standard bearer - a converted Artizan French Foreign Legionnaire with Westwind head.

Finally, what's up doc!?

Some medics for various factions. All figures are Warm Acre scientists, excpet the chap with the pipe, who is from Hasslefree.

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