Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Countdown to Evesham

This Saturday I’ll be off to Evesham for the Big Game – a two day event where many VBCW fans mass their armies together for one great big dust up (although some, like me, are only able to attend for one day).

VBCW organiser extraordinaire ‘Mort’ has once again come up with a scenario, based on the fictional county of Midsomer (from the popular TV show Midsomer Murders). The basic gist is this:-

There has been an assassination attempt on Royalist hero Col. J T Dunbar. The colonel, who was wounded in the attack, is now resting after surgery.

King Edward is said to be ‘outraged’ by the attempt on Colonel J T Dunbar’s life. The King met the Colonel earlier this year to honour and promote him for his victories in the battles of Weston-Super-Mare and Axbridge. The Colonel had then taken command of Royalist forces in Chippenham, where the attack on his life took place.

The King has ordered Lord Cirencester to start an investigation in to the shooting. For his part Cirencester has given the task to Chief inspector Barnaby, ex of the Met now working in the British Intelligence Service.

Sources close to Lord Cirencester believe it was the Somerset Freedom Fighters who tried to kill Colonel Dunbar, however the SFF have denied this. News has emerged that the SFF have however ambushed a royalist supply column.

Chief inspector Barnaby’s investigations have led him to the town of Causton – held by the Anglican League. He must have discovered something fishy in the town, for the King has since ordered an attack on the town by his royalist forces and their BUF allies (including my Blackshorts and whatever else I can bring to the table!)

Thanks to a little role-playing via email, my forces have been able to reconnoitre the area, and, while been driven off by Anglican League Piquets in some cases, have gleaned some very useful information.

Using the Brigadier ‘38 rules, each player can field up to 2500 points worth of stuff. Currently I have 1700 points worth painted, so will borrow a few figures and vehicles off Giles to make up the shortfall. This will be my first ever big game and I’m looking forward to it immensely!


  1. Good luck old chap! Great sounding scenario; you VBCW boys certainly do not lack for imagination.

  2. Very best of luck! I love the map you posted, and the narrative. Have fun and let us know all about it soon.


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